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Shenzhen Modern Ultrasonic Industrial Co., Ltd. is staffed by a group of senior engineering technicians with over ten years of experience in the development, production and marketing of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We have a workforce of over 150, including over 60 engineers and 5 senior technicians. Mr. Zong Shengan, the general manager of our company, who has been engaged in the research and development of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for almost 20 years, is well matched to any expert who has been recognized by the Ministry of Electronic Industry to have made outstanding contributions. We implement scientific ISO9001:2000 management mode. For the latest technical development in the cleaning industry and different cleaning requirement of customers, we can make a quick response. In especial, we are proud to have more than 40 automatic ultrasonic cleaners win the bid for environmentally benign cleaning equipment in U.N. for three successive years (2002-2004).

With imported up-to-date technologies, imported famous raw materials and imported high quality components, we provide a complete line of ultrasonic cleaning equipment including mini, single-tank, multi-tank, vapor and computerized ultrasonic cleaning systems, altogether oven ten series with almost one hundred specifications. What's more, we also offer custom-tailored cleaning equipment to meet the needs of a particular market or customer application.

"Modern" brand ultrasonic cleaning systems enjoy a wide range of applications in various industries such as electronics, optics, nuclear power, automobile, plating, ion filming, horologe, chemical fibre, machinery & hardware, medical treatment, jewelry, color video tube, bearing, etc. Due to high quality, our ultrasonic degreasers have gained great appreciation by numerous users. Among so many clients, the typical clients include: Shanxi Xianyang Rainbow Group (cleaning video tube parts), Shanxi Xianyang Rainbow Group Caiqin Company (cleaning anode cap), Guangdong Fudi Color Video Tube Co., Ltd. (cleaning video tube parts), South China Optic Electronic Co., Ltd. (cleaning optical glass), Yunnan Optical Instrument Factory (cleaning optical glass), Sino-Japan Rainbow Yingguang Co., Ltd. (cleaning electronic gun parts), America-Based Kansun Optic Communication Co., Ltd. (cleaning transistors), Shenzhen Fangda Group (cleaning film), Shenzhen Development Technology Group (cleaning magnetic core), Japan Ridong Optics Factory (cleaning DVD optical head), Dayawan Nuclear Power Plant (cleaning piston of washing machine), Shangcai Group (cleaning engine parts), Changchun FAW Group (cleaning automobile piston pin), Huidong Dongfeng Honda (cleaning automobile parts), Japan Mitsubishi (cleaning precision machine parts), etc.

  Apart from ultrasonic cleaning equipment, we also deal in ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic aluminum wire press welder, ultrasonic gold wire ball welder, silk-screen printing machine, pad printing machine, gilding press, industrial water cooling machine, plating production line, PVC production line, chain conveying line, etc.

We will keep on serving you with excellent products, rational price, quick delivery and thoughtful after-sales service. To keep customers satisfied in an all-round way is always the service goal of "Modern Ultrasonic".   

We passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification in 2001.